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Citadel: Expose Saren is a Mission in Mass Effect. Citadel: Expose Saren is the second Mission of the game. Completing  Missions in Mass Effect progress the story forward.


Citadel: Expose Saren Objectives

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Citadel: Expose Saren Walkthrough

Arrival at the Citadel

  • When you arrive, Ambassador Udina is at a meeting with the council. After he demands action by them, the Turian councilor cuts him off and remembers him that everything will be determined during the hearing and not before.
  • After a few questions Udina leaves and asks Commander Shepard to meet him at the top level of the Citadel Tower.
  • You have the option to head straight to the tower or to wander off around the Presidium. You can head right to the Elcor and Volus embassy, to earn codex entries about these two species.

Report to the Council

  • Head down the stairs. If you talk to the recepcionist, Saphyria, you can get the Asari codex entry from her. Once you leave the room, turn right and head into the second door on the left, to the headquarters for C-Sec. 
  • You will be greeted by Executor Pallin, from whom you can get a few more codex entries. Head out of C-Sec headquarters, turn left and enter the embassy lounge. You can find Private Fredricks there. Once you leave the embassies, talk to Avina, the information VI for the Citadel, to learn more about the Presidium and to get another codex entry.
  • You can head across the bridge to the Consort's Chambers and talk to Nelyna, to trigger the Citadel: Asari Consort Assignment. Leave and head left into the market district. Another Avina terminal can be found. This time near a Krogan statue. You can get more codex entries and information regarding the Krogan statue.
  • If so desired, you can head over to the Emporium to buy some goods. Once ready, head over to the Citadel Tower. Outside the Tower's elevator, is another Avina terminal. You can get more codex entries from it, then head up to the Council Chambers.
  • Once you exit the elevator, you will see Executor Pallin arguing with a C-Sec officer. After their discussion, Pallin leaves. The officer notices you and introduces himself as Garrus Vakarian. Once you are done asking questions, you can head up to meet with the Citadel Council.
  • Both Anderson and Commander Shepard, join Ambassador Udina on the Petitioner's Stage. Although the Council agrees that the Geth attack on Eden Prime is of some concern, they refuse to believe that Saren was involved. After arguing and discussing it for a while, the Council reaches the conclusion that there isn't enough evidence to consider what Commander Shepard experienced at Eden Prime as a threat, and also to defect Saren from the Spectres.
  • Ambassador Udina points out that bringing Captain Anderson to the meeting was a mistake, because of some history between him and Saren. Udina will tell you that Saren is almost untouchable because of his status as a Spectre. Udina suggests you to visit a C-Sec officer called Harkin. If you ask Captain Anderson for other leads, he suggests talking to Barla Von.
  • Your jounal will be updated with the Citadel: Garrus Mission at the end of the conversation. If Captain Anderson recommended you to Barla Von, on your journal you will find the Citadel: Shadow Broker Mission.
  • If you head back down the Council Chambers after the meeting, you will find a Salarian scanning one of the Keepers. If you talk to him, he gives you the Citadel: Scan the Keepers Assignment.

 Getting Help

  • You need to enlist people to aid you against Saren. Please refer to the following Missions:
  • Citadel: Garrus
  • Citadel: Shadow Broker
  • Once one of them or both are completed, you can proceed. The Quarian and the evidence against Saren are likely held at Chora's Den. As previously said, you can take Garrus and/or Wrex, that is for the player to decide.

Facing Fist

  • It is recommended to save your game before entering Chora's Den. Once you approach the entrance, you can easily see that the Bar is closed and a fight is about to break out.
  • There is a group of Enemies composed of Thugs, Bartenders and the Krogan Bouncer. There is little cover so be aware of that and try to take focus on one enemy at a time. This is one of the first big fights of the game, so it can be challenging. Once you kill all the initial Enemies, focus on the one that is on top of the bar. You can use the cover to take out the two Enemies near the back.
  • To delay the entrance of the Krogan Bouncer, try to stay close to the doorway. Once he enters, he is clearly the most dangerous threat you face. Armed with his Shotgun and capable of performing a deadly charge attack, you may need to regroup to organize the attack to take him down. If you need to revive a downed teammate, you can return to the antechamber with the Citadel Rapid Transit station.
  • There are some armed workers in the next room. You can talk out of the situation with them to avoid fighting them if you have enough Charm or Intimidate points. Fighting them or persuading them earns you the same Experience points, so it's up to you to decide what to do. On the next room you will find Fist, once again it is advised to save the game before entering.
  • Once you enter the next room, you will find Fist and two turrets. Rapidly, move to either side to use the cover available and focus on one enemy at a time. It is important to note that both turrets and Fist, tend to focus on Commander Shepard, so taking cover is imperative. If you manage to take both turrets first, Fist will surrender.
  • After the fight you can start a conversation with Fist. He is incredibly scared of being killed and begs for his life. You can ask him about the Quarian, he says that she would only talk to the Shadow Broker. He will say that she put the Quarian in contact with the Shadow Broker, but in reality it's a trap, there will be Assasins waiting to ambush her. 
  • If Wrex isn't in your party, you have the choice to let him live or kill him. If Wrex is in the party, he kills him either way. 

Rescuing the Quarian

  • You have 4 minutes to rescue the Quarian. Before leaving the office, grab the OSDs on the floor for the Citadel: Reporter's Request Assignment, and you can hack Fist's safe. Once you have everything, head out and be ready for another fight. Use the cover wisely to take them out.
  • You don't have to eliminate ALL Enemies in the bar to proceed, so if you are running out of time or don't feel confident about the remaining time, just take a run for the exit.
  • Once outside, head into the back alley, up the stairs. This will trigger a cutscene. You will see the Quarian asking a Turian for the Shadow Broker. He responds that the Shadow Broker is coming, this makes the Quarian cancel the deal, triggering the assassination attempt on her life. 
  • Once you regain control, you are fighting the Assassins. They are not incredibly though, but the lack of cover complicates the fight. Once gone, you can talk to the Quarian. She thanks Shepard for saving her life and responds that she has a way of repaying Shepard for helping her. 

Expose Saren

  • Head back to the embassy, to meet Udina, who is visibly nervous by the approach you've decided to take on your investigation. While he is rambling, he notices the Quarian, and ask her who she is. She introduces herself as Tali'Zorah nar Rayya.
  • After some conversation between Udina and Tali, she ends up playing an audio file that exposes Saren as the person responsible for the attack on Eden Prime. Another voice talking about the Reapers is played by Tali, but no one is able to recognize it. You can decide what to do with Tali, if you decide to let her join you or let her stay behind. Now you can head to the Citadel Tower, to finally expose Saren as a traitor.
  • Enter the second council meeting with Captain Anderson. While you are entering, Tali's evidence is being played for the council. The evidence is irrefutable and Saren is stripped of his Spectre status.
  • Udina goes further and wants a  Citadel Fleet to lock down the area to prevent the Geth from attacking. The council won't allow that, but the Asari councilor proposes an alternative, although the Turian councilor disagrees. You can use the dialogue option to make a proposition. Let Udina get a human Spectre and the Citadel doesn't have to send in a fleet.
  • After debaing it, Commander Shepard becomes a Spectre.

Leaving the Citadel

  • After being named a Spectre you have two options. Leave the Citadel or you can stay awhile completing the remaining Assignments. While leaving the Citadel Tower, both Admiral Kahoku and Garoth have Assignments for you. Talk to them to obtain them.
  • If you are decided to leave the Citadel, head to the C-Sec Academy and head to dock 422 through the center elevator. If you haven't already recruited Garrus or Wrex earlier, they will be leaning against the elevator waiting for you. You can allow them to join or not, it's up to you.
  • Take the elevator and once at the top talk with both Captain Anderson and Ambassador Udina. The Normandy is now under Shepard's command because Captain Anderson will be relieved of such duty. You can talk to both of them for more information on the matter. Head back to the Normandy once you are finished.
  • Once inside the Normandy, a conversation with Joker will trigger, during the exchange with him, you can earn some morality points depending on your answers. After you are done talking with everyone you want to on the Normandy, head to the Galaxy Map to set course to your next destination. You can go to Therum, Feros or Noveria to advance the story. It is recommended that you visit Therum first.

 How to unlock Citadel: Expose Saren


Citadel: Expose Saren Rewards

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Citadel: Expose Saren Notes & Tips

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