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Feros: The Thorian is a Mission in Mass Effect. Feros: The Thorian is the second Mission in the planet Feros. Completing Missions in Mass Effect progresses the story forward.


Feros: The Thorian Objectives

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Feros: The Thorian Walkthrough

Leaving ExoGeni HQ

  • Once you finish the conversation with the ExoGeni VI, get out and you will reach a room where your teammates start making comments about the legs holding the dropship. Keep moving through the catwalk, until you see two Geth Shock Troopers in a praying-like motion to a glowing orb. If you start shooting them, they will return fire. Dispatch them easily, and proceed to drop down to inspect the glowing orb. You don't obtain important nor remarkable information about it, but you can loot the crate on the floor near it, then move on.
  • As you keep going you will enter a facility that it is protected by a considerable amount of Geth. The Geth group is composed of a Geth Hopper, Geth Shock Troopers. Geth Troopers and a Geth Sniper in the back. Once you cleaned the room of Enemies, head to the room across from where you entered and take the stairs up. Once at the top, be mindful of the Krogans here. As always, they carry shotguns so try to keep your distance and use cover wisely. They won't come far down the stairs, so retreat if needed to regroup.
  • When you are done dealing with the Krogans,  head to the other side of the room and interact with the terminal. If you accepted Feros: Data Recovery Assignment, doing so will complete it. You can get the Communications: Methodology codex entry in a nearby server node, if you didn't access the public terminal at Zhu's Hope. You can grab the storage locker and head out. Once in the main room again, head through the other door and take the stairs up, grabbing the crate along the way, and enter another room.
  • At the end of the corridor, get ready to send in your squadmates because you will find Geth resistance in the next room. Hoppers, Geth Shock Troopers, Geth Troopers and, as always, a Geth Sniper lurking in the back. Once the fight is over, search the room for an ExoGeni terminal that gives you the Assignment UNC: ExoGeni Facility. Take the stairs down, and about halfway down your teammates will make a comment about the claw in the middle of the room. Then you will see a Geth Destroyer patrolling at the end of the room accompanied by Geth Shock Troopers, Geth Troppers, Geth Rocket Troopers and a Geth Sniper. Once the fight start, a Geth Hopper will also join the fray.
  • Once the Geth are down, loot the crate on the other side  of the large claw. Bypass a Hard Decrypted Geth Terminal to obtain the UNC: Geth Incursions Assignment. If you have already been to the Armstrong Nebula than this console will not be available. You can bypass a Server node with an Average Decryption protection for the UNC: Colony of the Dead Assignment. There is a small door and a crate on the other side, loot it and return to access the shuttle bay door controls.
  • Head over to another console to read a message saying that the door to the shuttle bay is currently not working properly. It works fine at under 30 PSI, at 31-34 it can shear through a metal I-beam, and at over 35 PSI it automatically shuts down. You can use the buttons to the left side of this console to get to 31-34 PSI, anything under 30 works just fine, but if you get it at 35 or over it, the system will reset. You can press 13,11 and 7 or 17, 11 and 5. Once the proper combination is entered, close the door and you can watch the claw getting sheared through and the dropship falls into the remains that covers the planet's surface.
  • A short cutscene plays where you see the blue forcefield drops. After that you are contacted by Joker over the comm telling you that the colonists have gone crazy and are clawing at the Normandy. You can answer however you like, but no matter your choice the crew will stay in the ship to prevent the colonists from getting in. He also warns you about a great number of Geth heading at your position. Head back up the stairs, and get to the main room where the blue forcefield was. You will find Lizbeth Baynham there. You can confront her with the information you obtained from the ExoGeni VI.
  • She confesses she was aware of the situation and states that she stayed behind to send a distress call, but she failed to do it because it got cutt off, so she decided to remain in hiding. If you interrogate her further about the subject, she ends up giving the details about the Thorian project. She can also tell you she was suspended because she expressed her displeasure with the project and what it was doing to the colony. After her confession, she says she wants to come back and try to help.  Once the conversation is over, Lizbeth gets in the Mako with you. Now you have to take the Skyway back to Zhu's Hope.

Getting back on the Skyway

  • Once out of the ExoGeni garage, you can find two Geth Armatures and two Geth Juggernauts on the other side, waiting to ambush you. You will find some Geth Rocket Troopers and Geth Shock Troopers but they shouldn't pose a big threat. Get back to the ExoGeni Bunker.
  • Defeat them and when you are getting closer you will be interrupted by a radio transmission from Juliana Baynham asking for help. When you get near the bunker, you are treated to a cutscene where Lizbeth asks for the Mako to be stopped, she exits it and heads down the ramp. Do the same and follow her. You find out that the door to Zhu's Hope is locked. 

ExoGeni Bunker

  • When you get to a certain point at the ramp you are treated to another cutscene. This time you see Lizbeth and the squad hiding and watching what's going on from a distance. Ethan Jeong along with some ExoGeni Security members are escorting Juliana Baynham, while she effusively tells him he won't get away with something. Lizbeth jumps up and runs to her mother to hug her. Ethan Jeong orders Commander Shepard and the rest of the squad out and they leave cover. Ethan Jeong tells Commander Shepard he has found some interesting things about him in the ExoGeni database and now ExoGeni, wants the whole colony purged. 
  • There aren't many options here. If you don't have the necessary Morality points (10 Intimidate points needed or 12 Charm points needed), then there is no way to reason with Ethan Jeong, and Shepard shoots him when he draws his pistol. But if you have the necessary points you can:


Convince him that saving the colony is worth ExoGeni's time and money by selecting the against all odds approach.


Convince him that saving the colony is worth ExoGeni's time and money by threatening him with Commander Shepard's Spectre Status.


  • If you decide to use one of the morality options, Ethan Jeong will agree to support the colony with ExoGeni resources. You get a lot of morality points and this decision can impact the fate of the Feros colony. Before leaving, Juliana Baynham asks to speak with Commander Shepard.
  • If you shot Ethan, Juliana will express concern about ExoGeni pulling out of the colony, but if you managed to talk him down, she thanks you. She will ask you to spare as many colonists as possible and proposes that using a modified nerve gas might be the best idea to help take down the colonists without killing them. The other safe option you have is to melee them. You can also, ignore this proposal and just kill everyone on sight. 
  • If you gathered the data from Feros: Data Recovery, you can give it to Gavin Hossle now. 

On the Road Again

  • Get on the Mako again and head out to the Weigh Station and back on the last part of the Skyway to Zhu's Hope. The Geth are getting ready for a final assault against Commander Shepard.
  • Beyond you will find many Geth including Geth Rocket Troopers, Geth Juggernauts, Geth Armatures and Geth Shock Troopers. You can decide to deal with them either on foot or from the Mako. 
  • When you take down the whole Geth force, move up and when you reach the part where the skyway previously broke where you will find two Geth Armatures and some more Geth forces (depending on your level) blocking the path to Zhu's Hope. Once defeated, move along the skyway until you reach the garage doors to Zhu's Hope
  • When you get close enough to the door, Commander Shepard and the squad will exit the Mako to observe a creature on the ground. When they get too close, the creature wakes up and attacks. Shoot it dead and your teammates will wonder what it was. Now you have two options regarding your squad's actions. The "Don't shoot the colonists" option, will make your team to shoot at the creepers and not the colonists, if you choose the other option, will cause them to shoot everything, including the colonists. You start the mission, with a display in the lower right corner letting you know how many colonists are alive, starting at 16.
    Remember that the number of colonists saved or killed will have an impact on the colony's fate. It is advised to save your game before proceeding.
  • Open the garage door, you will come under attack from numerous Thorian Creepers. You can get inside the Mako as soon as possible to eradicate them easily. Be careful to NOT target the colonists behind the barricades if you are willing to save them. 
  • When the first wave of creepers if defeated, equip the Anti-Thorian Gas to your grenades if you haven't already. A new group of creepers waits ahead, so be ready. If you are playing Paragon, throw a grenade at the colonists. They are usually in groups so aiming at the guy in the middle increases your chance to taking all of them down with a single grenade throw. However, if you are playing Renegade, you can just shoot them and save the Grenades for a more pressing situation. You can get many Morality points depending on how many colonists are saved.
  • Once you are done, head to the elevator. If you use it the elevator will be disabled, so if you want to complete any Assignments or any other thing left undone, now it is the time.
  • Take the elevator, and go around to the left. You will find more Thorian Creepers and through the door, also two more colonists. Decide their fate according to how you are playing the game, to either using a grenade or just shooting them.  When the creepers are down, move to the stairs and combat more creepers along the way. 
  • When you arrive at the bottom of the stairs, you'll find defensive barriers manned by four Colonists and guarded by 7 Thorian Creepers. After dealing with the Creepers, do with the Colonists what you've been doing so far.  Move up and around. You can't go through the freighter, so head right and up to the elevated catwalk. You will find a box carrying fire more grenades as you get close to the catwalk.
  • There will be some Thorian Creeprs on the catwalk so mind your step. One of the colonists defending the catwalk, is Ledra, a merchant, so if you plan on trading with him use the grenades or melee him. Once you get to the other side more Thorian Creepers and Colonists will be waiting. Deal with them. After doing so, one of the members of your squad will ask Commander Shepard about operating the crane to get access to the Thorian. Head to the crane controls to operate them.
  • By doing so a section of the freighter will rise, exposing a stairwell leading to the underworks of the colony. Fai Dan appears saying the Thorian wants Commander Shepard dead, and through excruciating pain, he manages to resist the control of the Thorian and ends up commiting suicide. Head down the stairs.

Entering the Thorian's lair

  • Once inside you will get your reward for either incapacitating the Colonists or killing them. You get two morality points for each Colonist either killed or saved. Continue down the stairs, and save your game before reaching the end. Keep advancing and a cutscene starts.
  • One of the members of the squad mentions something about finding the central core, and the team is confronted by the gigantic nature of the Thorian. The creature expels a green-skinned Asari clone.

Level 1

  • The Clone starts speaking to you. She explains that the Thorian was attack by Saren to prevent Shepard from gaining access to the Cipher, the knowledge to understand the beacon's vision. The Thorian absorbed the essence of the Protheans and gave the knowledge to Saren in exchange for her, and an understanding that the Thorian would be left alone. Since Saren broke the agreement and decided to attack the Thorian, she explains the Thorian doesn't want to talk and the conversation ends.
  • You will fight the Asari clone and several Thorian Creepers. If you use Throw at the start of the fight, you might be able to throw the clone into the abyss below. Then focus on the Thorian Creepers. Once one of your squadmates notices something in the next room.
  • Go and investigate the next room to find a large ball of organic material attached to the wall. Shoot it to destroy the node. When you destroy it, the Thorian will scream and you squad will comment that you will have to hunt the rest of the nodes. Heading upstairs the Thorian produces yet another clone.
  • If you have a low level character, you will probably find this to be an extremely difficult scenario. Consider using Shotguns for this fight to knock the creepers off their feet. Another important tip is to always take down the Asari Clone first whenever you see her. Try to rest up  your health and abilities every quiet stop you get and don't rush in to prevent the spawning of too many Enemies too quickly. 

Level 2

  • This next part is very linear, follow the path forward until you complete the mission. Head past the dead node, and up the stairs. Don't mind the Thorian Creepers, at least for now, they won't attack you. Once up the stairs, you will find more dormant Thorian Creepers.
  • When you reach the landing, send your squad first because this time, the Thorian Creepers are not dormant. If the Asari Clone is in the right position, it can be thrown off again using Throw. Once they are defeated, head to the opposite side of the room and access the weapon locker. 
  • In the room with the node there are more Thorian Creepers. You can shoot the node until it explodes killing all the creepers and missing the experience points they provide. The other option is to shoot the node enough to wake the Thorian Creepers and attack you. Once the node is dealt with, move up the remains and get to the next level.

Level 3

  • The next room, once again, contains Thorian Creepers and another Asari Clone. Deal with them, and move into the room and on your left you can see a node from here. It is advised to shoot it from this room, and deal with the Thorian Creepers as they come, to avoid getting overwhelmed.
  • Deal with the creepers coming out of the tunnel. Eventually you will run out of creepers and the node will run out of health and blow up. Now move into the room where the node was and put your squad in cover near the door as the next room has more of the same. Shoot down the tunnel to attract their attention. Deal with the Thorian Creepers and another Asari Clone as they come. When they are defeated, enter the large room and decrypt the medical station at the other end before going into the room with the node. 
  • This room contains about 12 Thorian Creepers and as has been the case, they will wake up when you shoot the node. So destroy them or the node as you see fit, deal with the Asari Clone and head to the next level.

Level 4

  • Unlike the rest of the rooms, this one opens to the right and has less Enemies than the previous three. Take down the Clone and the Thorian Creepers as usual, then turn around to destroy the node. Once the node is down, head to where it was blocking you to find the first staircase.
  • Head up the stairs and then you will be forced to deal with the Thorian Creepers that you had to bypass earlier. They will wake up in groups , and as has been the case, attack along an Asari Clone while you are climbing up the staircase. When you are done, continue climbing.

Level 5

  • Once you reach the top you will find two rooms, with Thorian Creepers and a final Asari Clone. It is advised to take down the ones in the middle and get to cover. When you have dealt with the final wave of Enemies, destroy the node and you are treated to a cutscene that shows you the nodes you destroyed along the way collapsing and the Thorian falling into the abyss.

Facing Shiala

  • An Asari, falls from a pod like structure. She introduces herself as Shiala, a former follower of Matriarch Benezia. She tells you thatn Saren came to get the Cipher and understand the disjointed images from the Beacon on Eden Prime. Saren gaver her away to the Thorian in exchange for the Cipher and attempted to kill the Thorian to keep Commander Shepard from getting to it. Saren is aware that Commander Shepard is looking for the Coinduitm and is doing everything in his power to prevent him for reaching it.
  • She will give you the Cipher and you can decide what to do with her. You can choose to kill her, or you can allow her to help the colony. Either way, after the dialogue ends, you head back to the colony automatically.

The Fate of the Colony

  • You will be greeted by the ExoGeni personnel and their reaction upon seeing you is based on the actions you have taken during the course of the Mission

Colony Health

  • For each Assignment completed, add 1
  • For each surviving colonist, add 1

Colony Health is cumulative, so for example, if you completed one Assignment and saved 13 Colonists, neats a total of 14.

Colony Leadership

  • If you decide to not kill Shiala, Leadership is 5
  • If you persuade Ethan Jeong to help the colony, leadership is 12.

Leadership is not cumulative. So if Ethan Jeong agrees to help, it doesn't change the final value if Shiala is still alive, you still only get 12 points.


  • To guarantee Feros survival, the total value between colony health plus colony leadership must be thirteen or higher. If you reach that number, and the remaining colonists will thank you for helping them. If you fail, the colony is being shot down. Once the conversation is over, you can trade with Lera if he survived, give Gavin his data if you haven't, or simply head back to the Normandy.

Return to the Normandy

  • If Liara T'Soni is in your party she will offer to join minds again to try to decipher the vision, but once again, to no avail. You can choose to report to the council or not. If you choose to do it, they comment on how you should have informed them about the Thorian and add their opinion about the survival (or not) of the colony. 
  • If the colony is not saved, the Asari councilor is disappointed but the Turian one approves stating that the Mission came first. On the other hand, if the colony is saved, the Salarian councilor will approve while the Turian will disapprove.


How to unlock Feros: The Thorian


Feros: The Thorian Rewards

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Enemies found on Feros: The Thorian


Feros: The Thorian Notes & Tips

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