Nihlus Kryik

General Info
Role Spectre Agent
Location SSV Normandy comm room.

Nihlus Kryik is an NPC in Mass Effect. Nihlus Kryik is one of the most accomplished Turian Spectres in the Galaxy. NPCs in Mass Effect can interact with Commander Shepard and add contrast to the game's story, they provide various information, some gives Missions and Assignments, while others are special NPCs whom you can trade goods with or request for certain services.


Background Information about Nihlus Kryik

He one of the most accomplished Turian Spectres in the Galaxy. Born in a small mercenary outpost outside Hierarchy space, he learned the hard way to fight for anything he wanted. His father died when he was 16, and his mother forced him to join the turian military. His outsider status made life difficult; though he was always at the top of his class, his superiors and peers never truly accepted him.


Nihlus Kryik Location


Nihlus Kryik Related Mission

Prologue: Find the Beacon

  • On the Normandy: It is also revealed that Nihlus' presence is also to evaluate Commander Shepard's performance in order to be elegible to become a Spectre.
  • At Eden Prime: Nihlus gets out by himself to scout ahead. Later, he will contact you about the amount of dead bodies he has found so far
  • Dig Site: He contacts you again, telling you that there is a change of plans. He will be investigating a spaceport and wait for you there.
  • At the Starport: During the cutscene you see Nihlus approaching the spaceport. He takes covers and sees another Turian there, Saren Arterius. Nihlus confronts Saren and questions him claiming he wasn't expecting the Geth there, and turns his back. Saren pulls a pistol on Nihlus and tells him he has the situation under control. When the cutscene ends, you hear a gunshot.
  • Head up to the platform where you can see a body. Investigate the body, you learn that it is Nihlus and Ashley Williams notices someone moving behind some crates. You meet a dockworker, his name is Powell.


Notes and Trivia about Nihlus Kryik

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