Location Zhu's Hope, Feros

Ledra is a Merchant in Mass Effect. Ledra can be found at Zhu's Hope, on Feros. Letra is a Salarian who came to the human colony in search of riches but was unfortunately involved in geth attacks.


Ledra Information

Ledra opens up his shop after you finish the Feros: Geth Attack mission. If you’re level 18 or higher, Ledra has the Haliat Armory License available for purchase. You don’t have to complete Feros to buy this license from him; but Ledra must survive the final battle in Zhou’s Hope to purchase anything from him at that point.


Where to find Ledra

  • Can be found at: at Zhu's Hope, on Feros.


Merchant Services

Sophistication Lvl
Shotguns IV N/A
Pistols V N/A
Sniper Rifle VI N/A
Medi-Gel Upgrade V Medi-Gel Upgrade IV




Ledra Notes and Tips

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