Type Planet
System Theseus
Cluster Attican Beta

Sytau is a Planet in Mass Effect. Sytau is located in the Theseus system within the Attican Beta cluster. Planets can be explored while you traverse the galaxy, sometimes you can land on them and other times you only can survey them from the Normandy to obtain resources.


Sytau Information

Sytau is shrouded by a high-pressure atmosphere composed of carbon dioxide and sulphuric acids. The surface is composed of geologically young plains of volcanic basalts and rhyolites, with high concentrations of carbon and radioactives.

Sytau is rabidly volcanic; a dozen "supervolcanoes" 50-120 kilometers wide are erupting across the planet. Sytau's carbon content and constant volcanism make natural diamonds plentiful, if extremely costly and dangerous to recover.

Orbital Period: 1.1 Earth Years
Radius: 9547 km
Day Length: 32.2 Earth Hours
Atmospheric Pressure: 94.51 Earth Atmospheres
Surface Temperature: 343 Celsius
Surface Gravity: 1.7 G

Sytau Missions and Assignments



Sytau Notes and Tips

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