Striker Sniper Rifle

Devlon Industries

Striker Sniper Rifle
Damage ??
Overheat ??
Accuracy Rating ??
Weapon Type Sniper Rifles
Related Talent Sniper Rifles Talent
Upgrade Slots Level I to VI 2 slots
Level VII to X 3 slots

Striker Sniper Rifle is a Sniper Rifle in Mass Effect 1. Striker Sniper Rifle can be equipped by all Classes. Besides, the Infiltrator, Soldier and Turian Agent Classes can improve their use by upgrading the Sniper Rifles Talent. Striker Sniper Rifle is manufactured by Devlon Industries and can be purchased from Merchants or looted from enemies and containers. Sniper Rifles feature a reduced Rate of Fire and can get overheated after two consecutive shots, though they can be used to deal high long-ranged damage. 


Striker Sniper Rifle Information


Striker Sniper Rifle Location

  • Can be purchased from __Merchant__
  • Can be looted from enemies
  • Can be looted from containers


Striker Sniper Rifle Level Stats

Lvl Damage Overheat Accuracy Rating
I  N/A N/A N/A
IV 152 1.5 59
V 165 1.6  60 
VI 178 1.6  60 
VII 191 1.6  61 
VIII 205 1.7  62 
IX 218 1.7  63 
X 231 1.8  64 

Striker Sniper Rifle Tips & Notes

  • Notes & Tips go here
  • ??


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