Talent Type Combat Talents
Special Ability CarnageCarnage
Talent Effect Improves accuracy and damage when wielding Shotguns.

Shotguns is a Talent in Mass Effect. Shotguns is a talent that belongs to Combat Talents and is available to Soldier and Vanguard Classes. Talents are the more general skill areas in which a character excels and a part of your Character’s build linked to your class. As you progress through the game, you will also be able to unlock specializations that give you added bonuses


Shotguns Description

Improves accuracy and damage when wielding ShotgunsActivates the Carnage ability that lets you fire a huge blast from your shotgun that damages enemies.


Shotguns is available for the following classes


Shotguns Progression Rewards

1 Increases damage by 5%. Increases accuracy by 10%. -
2 Increases damage by 8%. Increases accuracy by 14%. -
3 Increases damage by 10%. Increases accuracy by 17%. -
4 Fires a blast of particles from the shotgun, inflicting significant damage to any enemy near the impact point. Unlocks Carnage Ability.
5 Increases damage by 12%. Increases accuracy by 20%. -
6 Increases damage by 14%. Increases accuracy by 22%. -
7 Increases damage by 16%. Increases accuracy by 24%. -
8 Increases Carnage Damage.  Unlocks Advanced Carnage.
9 Increases damage by 18%. Increases accuracy by 26%.  
10 Increases damage by 19%. Increases accuracy by 28%.  
11 Increases damage by 20%. Increases accuracy by 30%.  
12 Maximum increases to Carnage damage and its blast radius.  Unlocks Master Carnage.


Shotguns Notes & Tips

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