Motorized Joints

Motorized Joints
Improvements +20% Smash Damage
Type Armor Upgrade
Location Can be purchased from: ??
Can be looted from containers
Levels I to III

Motorized Joints is an Armor Upgrade in Mass Effect 1. Motorized Joints can be socketed in Armor with available slots to improve both your character and Squad Smash Damage. Motorized Joints can be purchased from Merchants or looted from containers. Armor Upgrades are tools equipped in Armor that can provide both offensive and defensive effects. 


Motorized Joints Information:

  • Mechanical augmentation increases the brute strength of the wearer, allowing them to deliver powerful blows when rifle butting or pistol whipping opponents
  • Improves Smash Damage
  • Type: Armor Upgrade
  • Levels: I to III


How to get Motorized Joints?

  • Can be purchased from: ??
  • Can be looted from containers


Motorized Joints Sophistication Levels:

I +10% Smash Damage
II +15% Smash Damage
III +20% Smash Damage
V N/A  
VI N/A  
IX N/A  
X N/A  


Motorized Joints Notes & Tips :

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  • ??



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