Juliana Baynham

Juliana Baynham
General Info
Role ExoGeni Scientist
Location Feros, inside the ExoGeni Bunker

Juliana Baynham is an NPC in Mass Effect. Juliana Baynham is a Human scientist that works for ExoGeni Corporation growth labs. NPCs in Mass Effect can interact with Commander Shepard and add contrast to the game's story, they provide various information, some gives Missions and Assignments, while others are special NPCs whom you can trade goods with or request for certain services.


Background Information about Juliana Baynham

Juliana Baynham is a Human scientist survivor of the geth attack on Feros that works for ExoGeni Corporation growth labs.


Juliana Baynham Location

  • Can be found at Feros, inside the ExoGeni Bunker.


Juliana Baynham Related Mission

Feros: The Thorian

  • Getting back on the Skyway: When you get near the bunker, you will be interrupted by a radio transmission from Juliana Baynham asking for help. 
ExoGeni Bunker
  • When you get to a certain point at the ramp you are treated to another cutscene. This time you see Lizbeth and the squad hiding and watching what's going on from a distance. Ethan Jeong along with some ExoGeni Security members are escorting Juliana Baynham, while she effusively tells him he won't get away with something. Lizbeth jumps up and runs to her mother to hug her. Ethan Jeong orders Commander Shepard and the rest of the squad out and they leave cover. Ethan Jeong tells Commander Shepard he has found some interesting things about him in the ExoGeni database and now ExoGeni, wants the whole colony purged. 
  • There aren't many options here. If you don't have the necessary Morality points (10 Intimidate points needed or 12 Charm points needed), then there is no way to reason with Ethan Jeong, and Shepard shoots him when he draws his pistol. But if you have the necessary points you can:


Convince him that saving the colony is worth ExoGeni's time and money by selecting the against all odds approach.


Convince him that saving the colony is worth ExoGeni's time and money by threatening him with Commander Shepard's Spectre Status.


  • If you decide to use one of the morality options, Ethan Jeong will agree to support the colony with ExoGeni resources. You get a lot of morality points and this decision can impact the fate of the Feros colony. Before leaving, Juliana Baynham asks to speak with Commander Shepard.
  • If you shot Ethan, Juliana will express concern about ExoGeni pulling out of the colony, but if you managed to talk him down, she thanks you. She will ask you to spare as many colonists as possible and proposes that using a modified nerve gas might be the best idea to help take down the colonists without killing them. The other safe option you have is to melee them. You can also, ignore this proposal and just kill everyone on sight. 
  • If you gathered the data from Feros: Data Recovery, you can give it to Gavin Hossle now. 


Notes and Trivia about Juliana Baynham

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