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Find Liara T'Soni is a Mission in Mass Effect. Find Liara T'Soni is the Mission of the game that allows you to recruit your last companion, Liara T'Soni. Completing Missions in Mass Effect progresses the story forward.


Find Liara T'Soni Objectives

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Find Liara T'Soni Walkthrough

Getting Ready & Tips

  • This Mission allows you to recruit Liara T'Soni, the last companion available in Mass Effect. She is a valuable biotic teammate, can be a romance option. Delaying this Mission results in loss of character interaction.
  • Most of the Enemies faced during this Mission will be Geth, so think about bringing Tali because her AI Hacking ability can be extremely useful during fights.
  • Every kill made from outside the Mako gives more experience than a kill from inside the vehicle. 


  • Therum is a volcanically active world, the Normandy will drip down the Mako on the planet. A Mako is a land vehicle used for the crew, to explore some planets. Beware the contact with lava, because the minimum contact will destroy the Mako. You will be contacted by Joker about some readings he's picking up, North of your position. Move up until you hear a Geth Dropship that will drop two Geth Armatures to face you in combat.
  • Once they are gone, keep going north along the road. It is advised to save here.

Industrial Outpost

  • Once you reach an outpost, you will come under fire from three Turrets. One of your squad mates, will point out that a frontal attack on the Turrets would be suicide, and it is advisable to look for another way to enter the outpost. However, you can fight them for the extra Experience points.
  • On your right there is a turn-off, proceed through it. This time you will find a single Turret, keep moving to take it down and then, save your game before advancing further.
  • Once inside the outpost, you will be greeted by some Geth Destroyers, Geth Troopers, Geth Rocket Troopers, Geth Shock Troopers and one Geth Juggernaut. Take advantage to the explosive material surrounding your Enemies, to eliminate them faster and use cover wisely. If the Mako takes too much damage and is on fire, DO NOT re-enter it, because a single hit, will destroy it.
  • Once the remaining Enemies are gone, take the Mako and drive it into the outpost. There are still two more Geth remaining, one on each gatehouse. Head into the building on the right side, beware of the Geth inside, because it fires rockets and can cause significant damage or even one-hit you on higher difficulties. Once that Geth is no more, grab the upgrade kit. You can open the compound gate if you feel like, but if you haven't taken out the three Turrets, they will be able to shoot into the compound. So, do it if you want to take them out now.
  • Once done, enter the other gatehouse, to find an upgrade kit. On the industrial structures to the left, to find two crates. Get inside the Mako and head to the gates on the far side of the compound. To your right there is a crate for decryption, but the building on the right is empty. On the other hand, the left building has the gate controls and another Geth. Once defeated, open the weapons locker, and open the gates allowing you to continue.

Heading to the Ruins

  • Save your game before continuing. Once you will, another Geth Armature will attack you further along the path. You will find three more after you destroy this one. You will find a Geth Colossus after these fights, so, once again, it is advised to save your game once you've dealt with the Geth Armatures.
  • Geth Troopers and Geth Rocket Troopers will attack you. Take them out first and then focus your attention on the Colossus. To get more experience from the fight, you can leave it with a tiny sliver of health and then exit the Mako to finish it on foot. The head up the ramp and into the tunnel.
  • Once past it,  at the end you will find two Rocket Troopers. Take them out, and head through the open area to the next tunnel. There are two more Rocket Troopers about halfway through the tunnel. Near the end you will find some more Rocket Troopers and a Geth Trooper. After these fights, you will arrive at a point where you can't get past inside the Mako, you will have two options.
  • First Option: Pay attention to the Mako's radar screen to get an idea of how big are the Geth forces and exit the Mako to proceed on foot.
  • Second Option: It may seem impossible, but you can squeeze the Mako through the narrow slit. If you approach it slowly, and once the head of the Mako comes in contact, push into it at full speed. After a few minutes, you should be able to pass.

Beyond the Rock Barrier

  • Again, the next area is filled with Geth, use the rocks around them as cover to take them out. If playing on higher difficulties, the Geth will deploy shield barriers so you will have to shoot through them. Once you've dealt with all the Geth, save your game.
  • Find cover for your team as soon as possible because a Geth Sniper on a tower will be scouting the area with his targeting laser. If you use a Throw or Singularity directed at the tower, you may be able to kill the Geth Sniper. Start taking down Geth one at a time and beware of the Rocket Troopers and their splash damage. 
  • Once the sniper is defeated, you can move your squad mates into the basin to the first large rock. Once all the Geth are destroyed, head up the road to the next area. Save your game again.

Reaching the Ruin

  • When you get near enough, a cutscene will trigger. On the cutscene you will see Commander Shepard and crew heading towards the ruins. You will see a Geth Hopper will be hanging from the underside. As you get nearer to it, it will wake up and hop around while the squad passes under it. After a loud rumbling, a dropship arrives to drop more Geth troops. 
  • You regain control to fight two Geth Hoppers, two Geth Snipers, two Geth Shock troopers and finally a Geth Armature. If you are playing on lower difficulties, you can focus on the Geth Armature, while the rest of the crew takes on the infantry.  On harder difficulties, is advised to take down the infantry first.
  • After the long fight is over, head into the ruin.

Entering the Prothean Ruin

  • Once inside the ruin, head down the entrance tunnel. You will find a few Geth Shock Troopers and Geth Snipers. Once they are down, keep going until you reach a force field that can't be bypassed. Take the nearby elevator down, and get the med kit on your right once it gets to the next level.
  • While heading to the next elevator, three Geth Assault Drones will come up from below. They aren't too much trouble, once defeated, head to the next elevator.
  • As you go further down you realize this elevator is not functioning properly. Once it stops, exit it and go down the broken platforms. You will see someone behind the force field, once you are near enough you can initiate a conversation with her. After some talking you'll realize that she is Liara T'Soni, the person you are looking for. She tells you that she is trapped inside a security device and can't get out. She points you to the console next to her to disable the field. She also warns you about a Krogan-leaded group of Geth in the zone.
  • Turn around and head down to the left. You will find some Geth in the pit below, take them down.
  • After the combat, head to the back of the pit to loot a weapons locker and a storage locker. Then, head to the terminal next to the mining laster and enter the code. 
  • On Xbox 360 the code is "A,X,B,Y". On PS3 the code is "X, Square, Circle and triangle". On PC  it is randomly generated each time a saved game is loaded.
  • After the code insertion sequence, you are treated to a short cutscene in which the laser creates a tunnel to allow you to pass the barrier curtains. Now head down into the tunnel and access the console in the center to raise the elevator to Liara T'Soni's level.  After a short conversation, a tremor will be felt throughout the mine and Liara will warn the squad that a seismic event may be incoming so it is advised to leave the planet as soon as possible. Commander Shepard contacts Joker to get the Normandy to the ruins as soon as possible and the elevator will rise to the highest level.

Leaving Therum

  • You arrive at the top to find a Krogan with some Geth troops. A conversation will be triggered, but no matter how you answer it will always lead to a fight. The whole enemy squad is composed of two Geth Shock Troopers, a Geth Sniper, a Geth Rocket Trooper and finally a Krogan Battlemaster. This can be a really difficult battle.
  • As an advice try to take first the Shock Tropper on the other side of the room. Then, turn around as the other Shock Trooper will attempt to approach you from behind. Be mindful of the Sniper, though it is important to note that it won't change its location during the fight.
  • Once you defeated all the Geth, the Krogan Battlemaster will try to charge you. Lift can turn the tides of battle and is a great ability to use when the Krogan is charging at you and also when he is near death to prevent him from regenerating.
  • Once the Krogan is gone, another cutscene plays showing you the desperate escape from the crumbling ruins. 

 On the Normandy

  • Once inside the Normandy, Liara T'Soni offers to link her mind with Commander Shepard's to try to make sense of the vision from the Prothean Beacon. Doing so doesn't reach any conclusive result, leaving Liara completely exhausted. You can dismiss the crew and choose to meet with the Citadel Council, to update them on the results of the mission.


How to unlock Find Liara T'Soni

  • Find Liara T'Soni can be acquired after Commander Shepard is given the Spectre status and reports to Dock 422. 


Find Liara T'Soni Rewards

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Enemies found on Find Liara T'soni


Find Liara T'Soni Notes & Tips

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