Exodus Cluster is a cluster in Mass Effect. The Exodus Cluster cluster was one of the first clusters reached by Humans, and also, one of the first to be colonized by the Systems Alliance.

The first Mission of Mass Effect, Prologue: Find the Beacon, takes place on Eden Prime. You can find Eden Prime within the Utopia system.

The DLC Bring Down the Sky, takes place in of the Asgard system, within the Exodus Cluster. If you don't have the DLC content installed, you won't be able to see the Asgard system.

To reach Exodus Cluster you must make a connection through the following clusters


All Locations in Exodus Cluster




Systems in Mass Effect
Acheron  ♦  Amazon  ♦  Antaeus  ♦  Asgard  ♦  Athens  ♦  Cacus  ♦  Caspian  ♦  Century  ♦  Columbia  ♦  Dis  ♦  Erebus  ♦  Farinata  ♦  Fortuna  ♦  Gagarin  ♦  Gorgon  ♦  Grissom  ♦  Han  ♦  Hercules  ♦  Herschel  ♦  Hoc  ♦  Hong  ♦  Hydra (location)  ♦  Knossos  ♦  Macedon  ♦  Matano  ♦  Ming  ♦  Newton  ♦  Pax  ♦  Phoenix (Location)  ♦  Plutus  ♦  Refuge  ♦  Sol  ♦  Sparta  ♦  Strenuus  ♦  Tereshkova  ♦  Theseus  ♦  Utopia  ♦  Vamshi  ♦  Vostok  ♦  Yangtze


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